How To Make PC Fans Quieter?

Generally, the fans are used to provide cooling to the place in which they are installed; the same goes for the fans set up in the computers we use. A computer is a machine used for many purposes, such as creating documents, painting, streaming, etc, and is most likely to produce heat as it consumes electricity.

A fan is fixed inside the computer to balance air generated from the computer or to cool down the CPU. It is a hardware device that allows airflow to or from the PC. The fans pull the air from the surroundings through the gaps in the computer. However, it is necessary to see that vents that help in passing the air inside and outside are not blocked, as in the worst-case scenario, your system can catch fire.

 If these are present in the computer, it will shut down automatically if the temperature rises beyond the set limit. However, fans can become strident over time due to extreme usage.

Why are the fans so loud?

Although the fans are a good tool for computers, sometimes they can be loud and annoying, which not only affects your work but disturbs other people too.

One of the main reasons for noise is when the computer produces more heat, due to which the fans have to work continuously to calm the system. Another factor of excessive sound is the dust that comes inside the computer’s cool air, and the tiny particles are deposited on the fan, which obstructs its working.

Why is it bad if the fans are blaring?

  • If your system is generating clamorous sounds repeatedly, it not only affects concentration on various tasks but also points to a severe problem in the PC.
  • The constant noise indicates that the fan is working more than its usual limit, where its work is only to permit cool air inside the computer.
  • The CPU (Central Processing Unit) will control the functioning and try to decrease the heat level if the fan fails to maintain the temperature.
  • This phenomenon affects not only the speed, which will delay all the work but also the overall performance of the computer.
  • In addition, you will receive several messages of warnings on the desktop screen; also, many times, the computer crashes due to hotness inside the system, and you may also face trouble while starting the PC.
  • Thus, it becomes crucial to solving this trouble as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

The solution to the Problem

People should not wait to repair or fix the issues in the fans of the PC if they are small; the problem should be corrected as soon as it arises. This is because the more a person delay’s the work, the more it becomes complicated and involves the high cost of mending.

However, many keys or solutions to the troubles are available; thus, there is no need to worry. Following are some of the tips that will help in cleaning and improving the operations and functioning of the PC:

Don’t keep the computer in the blocked area

Although, it is advised that the computers be stored in a location where the possibility of dust entering the system is less or zero. On the other hand, it is best if the computers are placed in an area where the cool air can enter.

The PC should be kept on a plain and smooth surface; one should avoid rough platforms or carpets. Also, please don’t put the system on cupboards or cabinets as it hinders the entrance of air inside the system. The main task of the fan is to balance the temperature and circulate the fresh air.

Furthermore, a gap must be there through which the heat will go outside.

Maintain the cleanliness of fans and vents

Even if you store the PC in a dust-free place, it will still enter the interior part, as tiny particles of dirt are everywhere. In addition, dust deposition on the fans results in loud noise as the working becomes more challenging; thus, the cooling process is slowed down.

You should always clean the fans weekly or monthly, whichever is suitable to prevent temporary jams, and also clean the small gaps that are present on the computer. In addition, always make sure to turn off the computer and take out all the wires or cables that are attached to the PC to stay away from other problems.

For cleaning, a compressed air duster is available online and offline in both markets, which assists in the cleaning practice. The air duster is a spray that should be sprinkled on the vents and fans at a specific angle. Afterward, take a microfiber cloth to eliminate and wipe all the dust from the fan.

While cleaning the fan with the compressed air, you can also clean the power supply with this duster because it gets louder if not cleaned for a long time.

 Also, one can open the system to remove the dirt; it is a direct but complicated procedure, but make sure that everything is assembled properly afterward.

Replace them if they are not working properly

Another solution to the issue of loud noise from the fans is to replace them with a new one which has a warranty period. If the fan is not working appropriately even after proper cleaning and is making a sound, it’s time to remove them.

Firstly, take a look at the old fan and check their dimensions before buying or placing an order, as there are many types of fans for different computers. Correct measurements should be taken so that you will not face any issues while fixing the new fan on the PC.

Replace the power supply unit if it is overheated or the fan doesn’t work and makes noises. The unstable amount of electricity will not be sufficient for all the elements in the computer, thus replacing the old supply with a more powerful one.

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