How to Increase Hashrate: The Definitive Guide!

Hashrate is a term that measures how fast the mining rig can turn in gold or coal or any other cryptocurrency profitable minerals. Besides, with hashrate, a person can determine how much cryptocurrency they have earned in a limited period.

However, a person can quickly increase their hashrate, which majorly tackles two issues. The first is making the mining profitable, and another is decreasing the power required to mine crypto.

Therefore, if you are scrolling down to determine methods that increase your hashrate, you are at the right place. Here is a compulsive guide for you that determine what factors contributes to hashrate and how you can increase it. So let’s dump into it.

What is hashrate?

Hashrate is a speed that determines how fast the mining rig process hashes. Therefore, a hashrate increases because of technological improvements and updated hardware. In addition, a person can use some effective mining software to increase their hashrate.

The manufacturers are trying their best to increase their GPU faster than their competition. But increasing it not only means using high power but also high temperature which can directly affect the life expectancy of your system.

That’s why you need to make a worthy investment by opting for methods that don’t heat the GPU but improve hashrate. The high hashrate means a person can make money through mining less often.

What factors affect your hashrate?

Certain factors affect the hashrate. Here is a list-

· The processing power

Processing power determines how your computers carry out the instructions provided. In short, if the processing power is high, your computer will likely carry out the commands and tasks faster than usual. Due to this, today, computers not only come with a single processor but multiple to make the task complete rapidly.

· The complexity in the algorithm of mining

The mining algorithm refers to the process in which the newly launched bitcoins are mined. As a result, the bitcoin minors are rewarded by newly built bitcoins for performing any further transaction on the crypto network. However, as the number of people using the web increases, the power of processing mining also increases which can ultimately secure several transactions in a limited period.

· The length of mining

The mining length determines the time the miners take to create new blocks. However, the time is usually 1 minute long, specified in the blocks.

· The number of targeted blocks

If a miner needs to achieve their target of several blocks in a day, they can create 2000 blocks. However, a miner can do it by mining alone or joining the mining pool.

· Hardware efficiency

A computer will work longer if minimal power is used to perform any task. With also reflects that the computer uses less energy to initiate and complete the task.

· The overclocked graphic cards

Although a graphic card can be overclocked, it has minor impacts on the games. Overclocking improves the performance of graphic cards by increasing the rate of frequency through which it runs their operation.

Different methods that will increase your hashrate

Some specific methods help in increasing the hashrate for mining rigs, such as-

1. Overclocking

Overclocking determines the highest possible speed at which the graphic cards run while mining cryptocurrency. As a result, however, the hashrate of graphic cards will logically increase. But if they become hotter, your computer may witness some efficiency loss, ultimately lowering the hashrate.

This is because the overclocking GPU is not a long-term solution. Instead, Overclocking allows you to increase your GPU hashrate and forces the graphic cards to go beyond the average speed. That’s why; you can overclock your graphic cards or buy one with more significant memory and processing power.

2. Undervolting

CPU Undervolting

Undervoltage refers to the decrease in the graphic cards’ core voltage applied to the memory, processor, and other components. Besides, undervolting helps the owners of mining rings maintain their hash rate by lowering energy consumption and ultimately making the GPU miner relatively less hot.

3. Mining Software

With mining software, the miners can easily connect to the crypto network and tackle all the issues related to cryptography. However, this software uses harsh algorithms that find new blocks every 10 minutes on average. A person can access several applications that increase their hashrate. Usually, with these tools, a miner can expect a rise of 20% to 30% in their hashrate.

4. Make GPU cool

If you want to make performance better, then it is essential to keep GPU cool. A person can decrease GPU heating with the following points-

  • Close the applications that are running in the background. Then, you can open it after a few minutes when they are entirely shut down. Besides, disable the power-saving features on the graphic cards.
  • To keep the graphic cards cool, create a draft-free environment. For example, suspend the graphic cards from the wall or simply place them in an airtight container.
  • Use some applications that monitor the temperature of graphic cards. These applications also determine the area which will benefit from the cooling and adjust the fan’s speed according to that.  

With these ways, a person can quickly decrease GPU heating, increasing their hashrate.

5. Upgrade the GPU

If you want to improve your computer’s performance, then the best thing you can do is upgrade your graphic cards. Graphic cards are pretty powerful and make graphics for computers. You can find graphic cards in different shapes and sizes; they all come with different abilities.

There are many graphic cards available in the market. That’s why make sure your research well before getting one. Some factors that will help you pick the right graphic card are the amount of video memory, the card brand name, the card model name, and, of course, the time of graphic cards.


With these improvement methods, a person can quickly increase their hashrate. However, the average improvement you can witness in the computer’s performance is 10-20%. You can simply invest in some good software and applications that help in monitoring and improving the hashrate of your GPU.

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